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2020 Caterham Super Seven 1600 Review

When Alpine released the A110, the critics struggled to contain their adoration for the little French sports cars. They pined on about how it...

Special Report: Purity and Driving Pleasure In The Caterham 310R

A few weeks ago Caterham invited me to spend a few days with a Caterham 620R - these were some of the most thrilling...
Caterham Superlight Twenty

Official: Caterham Superlight Twenty SE

A special edition variant of the Caterham Seven has just been launched in the form of the Caterham Superlight Twenty SE. The car has...

Caterham Launches New Seven Variants

Caterham has just launched three additional variants of the stripped down Seven sports car with the unveiling of the Caterham Seven 270, 360 and...

Assets From Caterham F1 Team to be Auctioned

The Caterham Formula One team has just started liquidating its assets with the firm’s assets now being auctioned after a failed attempt to stay...
Caterham Seven

Caterham Launches Pre-Owned Scheme

Caterham has just launched its official pre-owned car service in the United Kingdom to help customers find the very best Caterham Sevens on the...
Official: Caterham Seven Kamui Kobayashi Limited Edition

Caterham to Launch Three New Seven Variants in 2015

Caterham is set to launch three new variants of the popular Seven sports car next year to provide customers with even more choice about...

Caterham F1 Lays Off 230 Workers

It was recently confirmed that the Caterham F1 Team is set to take part in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix this weekend after missing...
Caterham Raises $2.9M from Crowdfunding

Caterham Raises $2.9M Through Crowdfunding and Will Race in Abu Dhabi

Caterham has confirmed its participation in next weeks F1 season finale in Abu Dhabi. This is after they managed to raise 79% ($2.9 million)...
Caterham F1 Factory Closed Due to Administrative Wrangles

Caterham F1 Factory Closed Due to Administrative Issues

Just a couple of days ago, it emerged that the manufacturer behind the Caterham F1 Team’s Formula One racing cars had gone into administration....